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KimRey NeoYou Facial (Oxygeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial)

KimRey Wellness Center offers NeoYou Facial treatments to clients in Quezon City and Pasig. This is the Ultimate Facial Treatment procedure for achieving young, fresh, and natural-looking skin. Experience only the best results from our team of leading doctors, licensed therapists, and medical aestheticians.

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What Sets This Treatment Apart?

Our NeoYou Facial is a 3-in-1 skin-renewing treatment that uses the Oxygeneo system and may be performed in combination with Tripolar RF.

This treatment provides three essential facial rejuvenation techniques in one convenient procedure for any skin type and color.

  • Exfoliate
    Oxygeneo technology uses the patented Capsugen to vibrate and buff the skin gently. Its unique texture induces superficial skin exfoliation by removing dead skin cells.
  • Infuse
    Two different treatment gels can be selected to address your skin care needs. Neo Bright lightens the skin, while Neo Revive is used to rejuvenate the face.
  • Oxygenate
    During treatment, a reaction occurs between the effervescent Capsugen and the gel, creating a carbon dioxide-rich environment on the skin’s surface that penetrates the epidermis. The increased levels of CO2 drive oxygen-rich blood to the skin, increasing the oxygenation in the treated area. The combination of skin exfoliation with oxygenation from within creates the optimal condition for infusion of the valuable nourishing components in the treatment gel.
  • Tripollar RF Treatment
    The Tripollar RF add-on applicator delivers RF (radiofrequency) energy into the skin. Radiofrequency generates heat in the dermis, stimulates dermal activity, tightens collagen fibers, and increases new collagen production.


KimRey NeoYou Facial starts at PHP 3,000. Your final price will be determined by the number of sessions required to attain your desired results and the skincare products needed to treat your skin after the procedure.

We accept cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards.

The KimRey NeoYou Facial Experience

Multiple sessions may be required to achieve your desired results. With the help of our brilliant doctors and therapist, as well as proper skincare, your skin will be brighter, younger, and rejuvenated from this treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Oxygeneo compare to Microdermabrasion?

Oxygeneo uses the patented Capsugen system to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin gently. The recommended intensity of exfoliation can be changed to address the needs of the patient. This makes the treatment compatible with all skin types and colors, unlike Microdermabrasion, which uses small crystals to scrape off the surface of the skin.

Can I have this treatment if I have acne?

Our technicians will set the intensity of the machine to a much lower level to treat sensitive areas. However, severe active acne must be avoided, and are instead cared for with select acne-treatment products.

What is the difference between the Oxygeneo and infusion technology that uses a vacuum?

The innovative Capsugen system induces light peeling of the skin’s outer layer, enabling better infusion of the treatment gel’s active ingredients deep into the epidermis. The increased circulation in the treated area also enhances homogeneous absorption and enhances the effectiveness of the active ingredients. There is no need to unclog pores since the depth of serum and oxygen delivery nourishes and cleans the pores themselves.

Pore vacuum technology typically unclogs pores and picks up any dead cells on the surface of the skin. However, the procedure may not be compatible with certain skin types and may not provide the nutrients and collagen available in Oxygeneo.

Is the Oxygeneo suitable for all types of skin tone?

Thanks to its usage of the Capsugen system and Tripollar RF technology, Oxygeneo is suitable for all skin tones as well as types, and can also treat sensitive skin.

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