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Hyperpigmentation (Skin Pigmentation Treatment)

At KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge, our team of leading doctors, medical aestheticians, and experienced therapists offer Hyperpigmentation Treatments for clients in Pasig and Quezon City with the highly-advanced Alma-Q laser treatment device.

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The Treatment

Hyperpigmentation refers to the overly active production of melanin that creates dark blemishes on your skin. While more common on people with darker skin, it is a condition that can affect any skin type.

Forms of Hyperpigmentation include:

  • Melasma
    Certain factors, such as hormone imbalance and thyroid therapy, can cause skin to produce more melanin than normal. These manifest as grayish-brown patches of skin, but are usually flat and hard to detect early on.
  • Age Spots
    Also known as sun spots, age spots are dark brown to black areas of skin where the body produces too much melanin in response to severe exposure to the sun. This type of hyperpigmentation is common in people 40 years of age and above, but can manifest earlier in life as well.
  • Inflammation
    Skin healing from injury can sometimes produce too much melanin, resulting in discolored spots on the skin. Common skin injuries that may trigger inflammatory hyperpigmentation include acne scars, rashes, or bruises.

To combat these imperfections, our medical professionals are highly trained with the Alma-Q laser therapy device. This fractional, non-ablative Q-switched laser penetrates deep within the dermis to break down excess melanin and brighten the skin after just one session.


One session of our Hyperpigmentation Treatment starts at PHP 10,000. The final price will depend on the number of sessions required to completely remove all dark spots.

We accept cash, all major credit cards, and personal checks.

The Hyperpigmentation Treatment Experience

Your therapist will cleanse the area with various skincare products. Once you are relaxed and ready, several bursts of lasers will be fired on your unsightly dark spots to remove unwanted melanin. Your skin will have enhanced tone and clarity, with a rejuvenated glow that comes with a smooth and even complexion.

Keep the newly-treated areas away from the sun with protective gear such as hats and sunglasses. We also provide various skincare products to ensure proper healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make the marks fade faster?

It is important to prevent any sun damage to the areas affected by laser treatment. Various skin care products can also address more specific side-effects such as redness.

How often will I need to receive the treatment to clear my hyperpigmentation?

You may return for a session of the treatment every 4 – 8 weeks until your dark spots disappear completely.

Is there any way to prevent hyperpigmentation?

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and direct sunlight. You may also cleanse your pores and epidermis regularly with our skincare products.

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