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Tri-Body Sculpt

KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge offers the Tri-Body Sculpt, a non-surgical body contouring procedure that removes unwanted fat.

Men and women from Pasig and Quezon City are welcome to experience the best body transformation procedures with the state-of-the-art Tri-Body Sculpt machine and our expert team of leading doctors, medical aestheticians, and licensed therapists in a comfortable and luxurious environment built on patient needs.

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The Treatment

The Tri-Body Sculpt is a body contouring device that permanently destroys the presence of fat without the need to undergo surgery, with three different modes that enhance the final result. First, our therapist will liquefy fat with radiofrequency (RF) waves. Afterwards, the machine’s ultrasound mode will separate the liquid fat and create cavities that further enhance surrounding fat tissue breakdown. Once destroyed, the vacuum mode guides fat towards the nearest lymph nodes to facilitate elimination via bodily wastes.

It is important to know that this treatment is not a weight loss procedure. It is a body sculpting and fat removal treatment that is ideal for clients who are close to their ideal body weight and BMI (body mass index).

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The cost for a Tri-Body Sculpt starts at PHP 5,000. Your total price will be determined by the areas to be treated and the number of sessions required to achieve your desired results. We accept cash, all major credit cards, and personal checks.

The Tri-Body Sculpt Experience

During the procedure, our therapist will gently apply the device over the area in need of fat reduction and sculpting. Over the course of several sessions, the combination of ultrasound and RF will permanently melt the presence of adipose tissue from your body, while tightening and lifting the skin in the surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of Tri-Body Sculpt over its surgical counterpart?

Because traditional liposuction involves minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, the recovery times will vary between 2 – 4 months before results manifest and bruising subsides. With the Tri-Body Sculpt, there is no downtime and results are observable within weeks of treatment.

Are the results permanent?

The results from Tri-Body Sculpt are permanent, provided you maintain an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

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